Monday, February 11, 2008

Latest Medical Insanity: Insecticide for Your Head

Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, the makers of an insecticide-based treatment for head lice, have stopped promoting their product after a sharply worded warning from the FDA. The FDA’s warning follows years of controversy regarding shampoo and lotion treatments that contain the insecticide lindane. Lindane-based live treatments have been banned in California.

The FDA expressed concern advertising by the company which stated that treating head lice effectively requires two applications, several days apart. The FDA found that "extremely alarming given that retreatment with Lindane Shampoo can lead to increased exposure and possibly death."

More than 166,000 prescriptions for lindane treatments -- almost 10 percent of all prescriptions for head lice and scabies -- were written from January to November 2007.

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